Visits to Rolex Watch—the Most Mysterious Restricted Zone of Luxurious Watch

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The Acacias Global Headquarters, which is located in Acacias, is a place where all important decisions are made and all plants deal with their final stage of production. All the waist watches are assembled, tested and delivered here. And all the legends of Rolex also starts here.

We have visited a lot of top brand watch plant in Switzerland, but we never have the chance to assess to the Rolex watch plant. When this time we are invited to visit this plant, I cannot help to think that this may be the dream of every watch-fan. Though it seems a little bit exaggerated, but Rolex watch has indeed created too many legends. What’s more, the Rolex watch has been kept quiet from the outside in the past, which makes it much more mysterious. I cannot help thinking a lot before I can see its true face. And externally, low-key tactics in the past, Rolex also cast a veil, before they actually see, editors cannot help but have a lot of imagination.

When we got out of the car, a magnificent green transparent glass building was in our sight. It was perhaps the gut feelings of a watch-fan that 116400 GV Milgauss occurred o me.In fact, the Rolex plant was moved from Britain to Geneva in Switzerland in 1919 by the creator of Rolex watch Hans Wilsdorf , and it was not moved to current place Acacias until 1956.And it was remolded on a large scale in 2006. After that, it has been expanded once again in 2007.Finally, it became the Global Headquarters now, which has five-story and 13,000 square meters.

The production and planning of rolex swiss replica watches is very clear. The Rolex Global Headquarters is the core of administration, service and decision as well as the final terminal of all the Rolex plants. It will receive all the parts of a watch from all the other plants including watchcase, strap, movement, watch face and so on. And all the Rolex watch will be assembled there.

Watchmakers are divided to several groups and each group are responsible for the assembling of one series from beginningto end, including all kinds of tests before and the assembling.

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